Says he is embarrassed for his past anti-science stance.

Australia’s newly appointed Minister for Energy and Resources, Gary Gray admitted he was once a fierce climate sceptic, but now says he is embarrassed by his former position on climate science.

Asked on ABC TV’s Lateline program, Gray admitted that he had once branded climate science as a global conspiracy, as pop science, and he had attended the inaugural meeting of the Lavoisier Group, an Australian group dedicated to repudiating climate science.

“I was a vocal climate skeptic,” Gray said. “I said things that frankly embarrass me when I hear them played back.”

He added later: “I attended the inaugural meeting of the Lavoisier group. I count as friends members of that organization. I just don’t agree with them any more.”

Gray said there was “no doubt” about the climate science and there was undeniable link between carbon pollution and industrial activity, which the world should address and “we can address.”

As the Minster for Resources, Gray – a former executive with Woodsdide Petroleum – will oversee projects worth several hundred billion of dollars in coal mining and liquefied natural gas.

Via Renew Economy

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